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Basic Life

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Hope's Heart desires for all orphans to have their basic needs met.  These include food, clothing, shelter, and attention to their special and growing needs.


Affording children the opportunity to live with a family rather than being institutionalized.  Everyday life lessons are learned in addition to experiencing bonding, attachment and family dynamics.


Nutrition programs provide quality fortified formula for at-risk babies whose bodies require added nutrition to thrive.  Nutritional foods strengthen little ones preparing for or recovering from surgery and  children whose health is compromised because of inadequate nourishment.


Tender care by specially trained nannies creates an environment for medically fragile babies to grow, heal and thrive.  Conditions such as prematurity, failure-to-thrive, or pre and post op care are addressed.


Supplying basic necessities that support daily care such as bottles, clothing, diapers, winter coats, cribs, etc.

[ 2019 Basic Life Outreach]

   Placement with a Family

December 2019- It is a joy to know that Taylor has transitioned from orphanage care to placement with a foster family.  We know Taylor will be experiencing all the benefits a family can provide.

 New Sponsorships

December 2019-  This month we welcome four new sponsored children... Hunter, Hayden, Shirley and Georgie... and look forward to watching their growth and progress.



Care for Visually Impaired Orphans 

September 2019- It is an honor to begin sponsorship of five visually impaired orphans. They are provided high quality care, education and life skills opportunities in a joyful environment by trained and dedicated caregivers/teachers.   Join us in welcoming to sponsorship Alice, Callie, Chandler, Kenny and Mathew. 



 Healing Home Care

September/October 2019-  It is our honor to begin sponsoring Meredith, Laurie, Beatrice, Kolby, Elena and Jayson for their healing home care.  We know their lives will be forever changed by the extention of loving devotion from their nannies.



 Family Sponsorship

September 2019- One of the greatest gifts to a child is family. We wish that every child could have a permanent family through adoption.  However, until that time comes, we are grateful to sponsor Callie and Roberta for placement with a temporary family. 


New to Foster Care

June 2019-   Living with foster parents is a critical placement for children to learn the value of family, develop healthy attachments, and participate in life experiences not available in institutional living.  We are grateful that Braxton, Claire and Alexander have been given the opportunity to live with a foster family.


October UPDATE-  We celebrate the adoption of Alexander, and we wish him and his new family a lifetime of happiness.


The Value of Foster Placement

May 2019- Living in a family setting contributes to the overall health of a child.  Hope's Heart is honored to begin sponsorship of Ty, Shirley, Davin, Trinity, Kylee and Jensen.



 New Healing Home Sponsorships

February 2019- Mindy, Rina, Evangeline and Frank are our newest healing home sponsor children.  We are so grateful that they are receiving attentive care to their individual special needs.


July 2019 UPDATE-  We are so excited to report that Mindy has joined her forever family through adoption!

 Family Care

February 2019- Critical to a child in their formative years is the role of family.  Thankfully, Jamie, Maiana, Georgia, Rilee and Faith are living with foster families who are devoted to their care.  Thank you to sponsors who help support their family placement.  


Foster Home Placement

January 2019-  It is a joy to welcome Morgan as our newest foster home sponsor child. His foster parents will help Morgan navigate life, learn life skills and experience the love of a family.    

Entering the New Year with Foster Families

January 2019-  Twenty-two [22] children who were living with foster families in 2018 [and sponsored by Hope's Heart] will continue to receive devoted family care in 2019.  The continued outreach to these children is possible because of partners like you who believe that investing in family life for the children is critically important.  Thank you for providing the continued support of Alan, Lacey, Darien, Timothy, Willow, Kerri, Shaun, Connie, Renee, Xavier, Hayley, Shane, Carl, Miriam, Solomon, Chad, Hugh, Janie, Gabriel, Carlos, Jimmy and Ander.

June 2019 UPDATE-  We celebrate the adoptions of Willow, Shaun and Kerri who have all joined their forever families.

 Healing Home Continued Care in 2019

January 2019-  Healing home care provides medically fragile babies the opportunity to grow, develop and thrive under the tender, loving care of specially trained nannies.  As we enter 2019, we continue to support the healing home placement of twenty-three [23] little ones:  Titus, Austyn, Sam, Josias, Cyrus, Abner, Tim, Erin, Jerome, Wendy, Kasen, Tula, Mack, Mya, Nico, Josie, Gavin, Winston, Billy, Ruth, Gage, Palmer and Harland.

June 2019 UPDATE-  It's a joy to announce that Mya, Nico, Josie and Winston have all joined their forever families through adoption!

[ 2018 Basic Life Outreach]

 Basic Needs: Winter Coats/Clothing, Face Lotion, Books

November 2018-  Basic essentials have been supplied for orphaned children living with foster families.  Winter coats and clothing protect from the cold seasonal temperatures. Foster parents are provided with lotion to protect the face/skin of children in their care and help heal dry/cracked skin.  The gift of age-appropriate books to each child stimulate their minds and enrich their knowledge of the outside world.  These same books provide daily opportunities to stimulate bonding between the children and their foster parents.  




 Foster Care Placement

November 2018- This month we welcome Shaun and Connie as our newest foster care sponsorship children.  All children deserve to belong to a family; and we are grateful these little ones will learn about family and love and devotion and security as they reside with their foster family.


Healing Home Care for Margaret, Sam and Cyrus

October/November 2018- It is an honor to help support Margaret, Sam, Harland and Cyrus' healing home care where they are receiving the very best of care and loving attention to their every need. 


Supporting Foster Care

September/October 2018-  Realizing the critical role played by foster families in the lives of orphans, we are thankful to support the care of two new babies and a little girl... Darien, Lacey and Kerri.  We know their care within a family will be life enriching for them.


Noelle Joins Healing Home Care

July 2018-  We welcome Noelle as our newest healing home sponsor child.  Like all the other children residing in healing home, Noelle is receiving the best care and attention and love possible.

July Foster Care Placements

July 2018-  We are blessed to welcome Hayley, Xavier and Renee into foster families this month. A foster family closely monitors the child in their care and provided the individual attention to meet their needs.  


Joining Foster Families

May/June 2018-  Six beautiful children are welcomed into foster families who will provide daily care, attention and love.  Welcome Lukas, Scarlett, Shane, Sue, Simona and Pauline.



More Babies Receive Healing Home Care

May/June 2018-  We welcome babies Katie, Gage, Nathaniel and Judah to healing home sponsorship; and are so grateful they have loving specially trained nannies to care for them.


October UPDATE-  Nathaniel has been adopted! 

Gary and Baylee Join Foster Families

April 2018-  This month [almost] two-year-old Gary and four-month-old Baylee were united with foster families who will embrace them with tender care and attention in a family setting.


October 2018 UPDATE- Baylee has been adopted!!

Critical Healing Home Care

February/March 2018 - Specialized care is critical to babies with medical conditions that require individual attention.  Hope's Heart is honored to help Billy, Mya, Mack and Tula receive the care they need to grow and thrive.  Welcome little ones!


Special Formula for Jerome

February 2017-  Following hospitalization and surgery, baby Jerome will benefit from a special formula to help gain the weight he needs to grow.  Hope's Heart is pleased to help supply some of his formula in anticipation of weight gain and healthy development.


May UPDATE-  Jerome is putting on weight and filling out his cheeks!  

Jerome and Kelly Join Healing Home Care

January 2018- Following discharge from the hospital [heart surgery], Jerome is settling in at the healing home. We are honored to play a part in his care and healing.  Kelly was also welcomed to healing home care this month.  It is an honor to sponsor both of these little ones. 


December UPDATE-  Kelly has joined her forever family through adoption!!

JStarting the New Year with a Foster Family

January/February 2018- It is our joy to welcome Carl, Chad, Miriam, Solomon, Harold,  Shane and Liv to foster families.  Their transition from orphanage to family life will have a profound impact on their lives.   



June UPDATE- Harold has been adopted!!

September UPDATE- Liv has joined her forever family through adoption!!

Continued Foster Care Placement 

As we step into 2018, we are grateful to Hope's Heart donors who make it possible to continue foster care sponsorships of 37 children...

Catherine, Abner, Faith, Sophie, Josie, Eli, Ava, Cooper, Hudson, Micaela, Nathan, Ryan, Ander, Jimmy, Carlos, Cindy, Gabriel, Janie, Hugh, Jason, Jill, Mary Beth, Brent, Sydney, Reagan, Christi, Etan, Susan, Willow, Timothy, Titus, Maizie, Hanna, Lyn, Livia, Dane and Alan.

January UPDATE: Cooper, Maizie, and Brent were adopted!!

February and March UPDATES:  Jason and Dane were adopted!!

May UPDATE:  Hudson has joined his forever family through adoption!!

July UPDATE:  Josie has been adopted!!

August UPDATE: Lyn has been adopted!!

September UPDATE:  Ava and Susan have joined their forever family!!

October/November UPDATE:  Celebrating the adoptions of Christi, Etan and Faith.

Continued Healing Home Care

It is our joy to begin 2018 with continued healing home care for 31 babies/toddlers...

Anna, Austyn, Paul, Isabella, Everrit, Stuart, Kevin, Charlie, Josias, Aerin, Hope, Andrew, Joshua, Connie, Emmanuel, Luke, Maggie, Tim, Tracy, Erin, Camilla, Jimmy, Olive, Griffin, Nico, Josie, Jordy, Laurie, Gavin, Winston, Ruth.

January UPDATE:  Isabella has been adopted!!

February UPDATE:  Connie has joined her forever family through adoption!

April UPDATE:  Congratulations to Jimmy and Olive who have been adopted!

May UPDATE:  Jordy and Griffin have been adopted!!

Judy UPDATE: Camilla has been adopted!!

October UPDATE: Everrit has been adopted!!

November UPDATE:  Stuart has joined his permanent family through adoption!

[ 2017 Basic Life Outreach]

Newest Healing Home Babies 

November/December 2017-  Join us in welcoming babies Camilla, Paul, Everrit and Hope to healing home care.  They will quickly learn how well loved they are, and that their nannies will see to their every need.



Entering Foster Care 

September/October/December 2017- Livia joined her foster family in September.  Sydney and Reagan graduated from healing home care and were placed with their foster family in October. Hanna and Jill were also welcomed to foster care sponsorship in October; and Dane joined his foster family in December. 



Eight New Babies in Healing Home Care

September/October 2017-  This fall eight new babies were welcomed into healing home care where they will receive loving attention to their medical and daily needs.  Welcome Luke, Josias, Kevin, Larry, Josie, Nico, Joshua, Griffin and Ruth




November UPDATE-  With sadness we grieve the sudden death of baby Larry.  We pray comfort for his caregivers.  Larry is with Jesus.

Foster Care Delights

July 2017-  Living with a foster family contributes to many realms of a child's life including learning about family, receiving encouragement, social and emotional development, and exploring the outside world.  This month we welcome Micah and Josie as our newest sponsor children.


August UPDATE- Celebrating Micah's adoption!

July 2018 UPDATE-  Josie has been adopted!!

Five Children to Benefit from Healing Home Care

June/July 2017-  Maggie, Laurie and Sully are our newest sponsor children who have recently entered healing home care.  They will receive the individualized care necessary to provide a better quality of life.  In July Micaela and Olive were welcomed into healing home care.



Welcoming Five More Children to Foster Care

May/June 2017- It's a joy to welcome five new sponsor children to foster care... Tucker, Maisee, Hadley, Seamus and Morgan.  Hadley and Seamus had been sponsored during their healing home care earlier this year as well.  Thank you to all our donors who help make the children's care possible.


Foster Care for Catherine and Nathan

April 2017- We are honored to help sponsor Catherine and Nathan's foster care placement. Having a family is so critical to their security and development.


Lots of New Healing Home Babies

April/May 2017-  April was a very busy month as we began sponsorship of seven new healing home little ones.  Join with us in welcoming Abner, Anna, Charlie, Faith, Lincoln, Stuart and Tessa. 

In May, babies Jimmy and newborn Gavin were also welcomed.




Neal Enters Foster Care

March 2017- We're honored to help support two-year-old Neal's foster care placement. Now he will learn what it means to be part of a family.

April UPDATE-  Neal will soon be joining his forever family through adoption!

Christine Enters Healing Home

March 2017-  Following abandonment and a hospital stay to treat pneumonia and hypothermia, Christine has been discharged to a healing home where she will receive dedicated care and attention.


June UPDATE-  After a short stay at the healing home, Christine was adopted! 

Foster Care for Janessa

January 2017-  This month we begin sponsorship of two year old Janessa for her foster care placement. 

June UPDATE- After a very positive time with her foster family, Janessa left this month to join her forever family through adoption! 

Newest Healing Home Baby

January 2017-  We welcome baby Brody as our newest healing home sponsor baby. We know the care he receives will be instrumental in his growth and healing. 

July UPDATE-  Brody 'graduated' from healing home care and has joined a foster family where he will continue to receive devoted care.

November UPDATE-  Brody has been ADOPTED!!

Continued Foster Care Placements for 2017

January 2017-  We enter the new year with continued sponsorship of forty [40] children in foster care placements:  Adelaide, Alan, Ander, Anna Eleanor, Arlene, Carlos, Cindy, Christi, Diana, Dominic, Elisabeth, Erik, Etan, Frances, Gabriel, Gordon, Hudson, Hugh, Jack, Janie, Jason, Jimmy, Joanna, Josiah, Kenley, Isaac,  Leila, Lyn, Mary Beth, Natalie, Peter, Piper, Sue, Shane, Susan, Tim, Titus, Timothy, Trevor, Willow.

February UPDATE- Natalie has been adopted!

March UPDATE-  Dominic and Leila have been adopted!!

April UPDATE- Josiah and Anna Eleanor have been adopted!

May UPDATE-  Piper, Gordon, Frances and Jack were all adopted!

August/September UPDATE- Joanna and Elisabeth were adopted!

October/November UPDATE- Erik, Amelia and Trevor have been adopted!

Babies Continuing in Healing Home Care in 2017

January 2017- Thirty-five [35] babies continue in healing home care in 2017:   Abel, Amelia, Austin, Ava, Aylin, Brent, Brody, Cameron, Cassie, Chelsea, Connie, Cooper, Emmanuel, Erin, Gemma, George, Hadley, Hazel, Isabella, Jeanie, Jewel, Jordy, Leaf, Matthew, Naomi, Reagan, Ryan, Seamus, Sebastian, Sophie, Sydney, Tim, Tom, Tracy, Wendy.  

February UPDATE-  Jewel has been adopted!

March UPDATE-  Naomi has been adopted!!

May UPDATE- Tom and Cassie were adopted this month!

June UPDATE- Congratulations to Matthew and Abel and their new adoptive families!

[ 2016 Basic Life Outreach]

Welcome Four Healing Home Babies

December 2016-  We celebrate the adoption of three children from healing home care; and step into this last month of 2016 welcoming three new little ones to healing home sponsorship.  George, Tracy, Sophie and Ryan will be receiving tender loving care and attention to their special needs. 


Winter Coats and Clothing

November 2016-  Temperatures are dropping and cold weather is beginning to roll in.  As is past years, it is time to help supply winter coats and clothing for orphaned children living with foster families.  Besides protecting them from the cold, the children get very excited to receive new clothes and coats.  What a blessing to bring smiles to their faces!


Five More Infants Join Healing Home

October/November 2016- Little Aylin and newborn Wendy will now know the feeling of loving arms, soft cribs, full tummies and tender care as they heal and grow.  They joined the healing home family in October.  In November Hadley, Jordy and Joanna were welcomed as new sponsor babies.  We rejoice that they, too, will know they are well loved.



Newest Foster Care Treasure

October 2016-  It is a joy to welcome little Jimmy as the newest of our foster care children.  We wish him a quick adjustment and bonding with his foster parents.

New Healing Home Sponsor Children

August/September 2016-  We are honored to begin the support of Naomi and Elisabeth [August] and Chelsea and Seamus [September] as they reap the benefits of dedicated care and attention to their special needs. Welcome little ones.  You will be well loved!


Foster Care- Adding Value 

August 2016-  Placement with a foster family enables an orphan to learn acceptance, attachment, bonding and healthy development.  In August we were honored to welcome Hugh and Adelaide into foster care families.  Trevor joined his foster family in late August following his 'graduation' from healing home care.  


June and July Healing Home Additions

June 2016-  This month we welcome the sponsorship of three new babies to healing home care... Isabella, Abel and Lucas.  


July 2016-  Babies Brent, Erin and Fergus need specialized care; and they will receive it at the healing home.


The Gift of Foster Care:  June and July

June 2016-  Few of us know what it is like to grow up without family to care for us.  Orphans residing in orphanages experience that loneliness every day. Foster care placement gifts an orphan with the security, individual attention and nurturing a family provides.  This month we begin sponsorship of little Gordon, baby Arlene, Tori and Diana in their new foster families.


July 2016-  Mary Beth has graduated from a healing home and will now be cared for in a family setting with her new foster parents.

October UPDATE-  We grieve the passing of little Tori.  Her life was much too short, but made an impact in the few months we knew her.  She is now in the arms of Jesus.

Serving More Babies in Healing Homes

May 2016-  The need for specialized care continues to fill the healing homes with babies who require a high level of care.  We are honored this month to welcome babies Cassie, Leo, Shandon, Hazel, Jonah, and Selah.  


Four New Healing Home Babies

April 2016- Entering healing home care and on their journey to healing are our newest sponsor babies... Trevor, Val, and twins Sydney and Reagan.


August UPDATE- We thought you might enjoy seeing how well these little ones are doing after just four month under the watchful eye and caring hearts of their nannies.


Two New Foster Care Treasures

March 2016- Join us in welcoming babies Beckeanne and Pauline to foster care.  The individual attention they receive from their foster families will make a profound impact on their lives and development.


June UPDATE-  We celebrate the adoption of Beckeanne!

November UPDATE-  Pauline has been adopted!

Healing Home Care

March 2016- The healing homes continue to keep their beds full.  As one baby graduates, another is being welcomed.  This month, please say hello to Sterling, Walter, Joanna, Andrew, Leo, Cooper and Henry.


November UPDATE-  Leo has been adopted!!

The Joy of a New Bike

January 2016- Five children in foster care have been gifted with new bikes and helmets.  No doubt this is an exciting time, especially for the school aged boys.  May these new gifts provide hours upon hours of fun... as well as exercise and large motor development.


Our Newest Healing Home Babies

January/February 2016-We welcome Mary Beth, Joy, Celeste and Lee to healing home care sponsorship.  We are confident they will quickly feel loved as they progress on their journey to healing.


May UPDATE- Lee has been adopted!

October UPDATE-  Mary Beth has 'graduated' from healing home care into foster care.

2016 Begins With New Foster Care Children

January 2016-  We are thrilled to welcome four new children to foster care placement.  Meet Margaret, Willow, Shauntee and Seward.


March UPDATE-  Seward was unable to remain in foster care. He will be missed.

July UPDATE- Shauntee was adopted!!

October UPDATE- Margaret was adopted!!

Meet William... New to Healing Home

January 2016-  Adorable William just joined the healing home family.  With all the love and attention he will receive, William's frown will soon turn into a smile.


February UPDATE-  As you can see from the second picture above, it didn't take long for William to begin responding to the tender care of the healing home nannies. 

April UPDATE- William graduated from healing home care after making great strides.  We will miss you, William!

Children Continuing in Foster Care in 2016

January 2016-  It is our joy and privlege to continue the foster care sponsorships in 2016 of...

Hope, Isaac, Elliot, Natalie, Josiah, Enya, Hudson, Leila, Tim, Ander, Bennett, Carlos, Cindy, Dominic, Ella, Gabriel, Peter, Janie, Winston, Leo, Kenny, Brynley, Christi, Catelyn, Max, Ivy, Claudia, Joy, Hannah, Timothy, Titus, Annie-Jane, Shane, Quentin, Piper, Jimmy, Erik, Gerri, Lyn, Jack, Frances, Imogen, Etan, Alan, Tony, Vivienne, Joe, Aiden and Lilian.

January UPDATE-  Rejoicing that Brynley, Hope, Joy, Claudia and Quentin have been adopted!!

February UPDATE- More excitement: Leo was adopted!

March UPDATE- Tony, Vivienne, Winston and Callie have all been adopted!

May UPDATE- Enya has been adopted!

June UPDATE-  Hannah and Jimmy have joined their forever families through adoption!

July UPDATE- Imogen, Kenny and Ivy were adopted!!

September UPDATE-  Congratulation to Ella and Bennett and their new forever families.  Both children were adopted this month!

October UPDATE-  Catelyn, Gerri and Annie-Jane were adopted!!

November UPDATE- Lilian has joined her forever family through adoption!

December UPDATE- Celebrating Aiden's adoption!!

Children Continuing in Healing Home Care in 2016

January 2016-  It is our joy and privlege to continue the healing home sponsorships in 2016 of...

Chris, Sebastian, Austyn, Hayden, Judah, Jeanie, Charlotte, Eli, Tyler, Nina, Jade, Ella, Guy, Connie, Ruth, Ava, Matthew, Jewel, Violet, Nolan, Patrick, Susan, Kenley, Malcolm, Jeffrey, John, Daniel, Landon, Auden, Thorpe, Jason, Cameron, Gemma, Tara and Victoria.

January UPDATE- We grieve the loss of baby Guy.  He is now in the arms of Jesus.  

February UPDATE-  Judah was adopted!!  

March UPDATE-  Nina and Jade have been adopted!!

April UPDATE-  Kenley graduated and moved to foster care.  We will continue to support her foster care placement. Sadly, Tyler passed away from a medical issue.  He is with Jesus.

June UPDATE-  Chris and Ruth have been adopted!!

July UPDATE- Patrick was adopted!!