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Title caregiving

Understanding the importance of physical touch and individual attention, Hope's Heart supports programs that promote caregiving in an environment of loving interaction with the children.

[ 2019 Caregiving Outreach ]

[ 2018 Caregiving Outreach ]

Physical Therapist Renewal

July 2018-  Once again we renew our support of a physical therapist who daily works with children to help improve their mobility and raise their level of self awareness.  This is our tenth year of adding value to the lives of orphans through the work of the therapist.


[ 2017 Caregiving Outreach ] 

Physical Therapist

January 2017-  As we enter the new year, we continue our ongoing support of a physical therapist who works daily with children to improve their mobility and muscle tone and to give them the best quality of life.

[ 2016 Caregiving Outreach ]  

Grateful for Caregivers

November/December 2016-  Dedicated and committed caregivers are the foundation and heart of daily tender care of the babies/toddlers in healing homes.  Their role stretches far beyond a job; offering their time, talents and hearts as they nurture and soothe the children under their care and offer them the best quality of life.   The children are offered hope, healing and love as they learn that they are special and important.  Hope's Heart was pleased to honor these caregivers with a Christmas gift of appreciation for their dedication and selfless service to the orphans in their care.

Continued Support of Physical Therapist

January 2016-  Considering the  progress the children have been making over the past year, there was no question about continuing the support of the physical therapist into this new year.  For the past [nearly] eight years,  her service has added so much to the successes the children are experiencing.  Regular physical therapy is critically important; and she is providing individualized attention to their unique needs. 

Many of the children assisted by the physical therapist have some form of cerebral palsy.  Areas addressed with each child include large and small motor skills, speech and language, self help skills, and social skills.


April UPDATE- We celebrate the progress the children.  Here are just a few of the noted advances:

Precise movement of both hands has improved and her wrist can move at a wider angle.

Hand functioning to grip and catch improves.

Walking is much better.  Although he sometimes falls down, he has made huge improvements.

Recognizing familiar people and things.  Understand the meaning of what familiar people say.

Playing with other children and likes to share toys with other kids.

Fingers can stay together when grasping something, but still needs more training.  Great progress in her hand fine motor functions.

Upper limb stretching ability needs more training.  Walking stability is much better.

Smiles when seeing familiar people.  Now knows how to play with a ball.

May UPDATE-  The physical therapist has been contracted for another year.