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News and Updates

news and updates

[ 2019 Books and Toys ]

Giving children the opportunity and resources to engage in play is vital to their cognitive, emotional and social development.  Learning can be fun, and developmental toys and books contribute to their learning, enhance skills, develop motor skills, and give the children a chance to interact and imagine. It is a privilege to provide resources for the children.





[ 2019 Field Trip ]

Children from two orphanages and their caregivers shared a special day learning about animals, playing, going to a restaurant, and enjoying the wonders of being in the community.  This spring field trip was no doubt a highlight that will stay in their memories for a long time.  The trip also provided the community the chance to see these wonderful children and watch their amazement of all they experienced.  






[2018 Orphans Boutique]

She did it again!! Margaret-Jane hosted her 6th 'Orphans Boutique' to raise funds that will help assist China's orphans. Lots of heart... thought... planning and implementing went into the boutique.  The result.... another successful event supported by friends, family and co-workers.

The funds raised this year will be used to support orphan medical needs.  Margaret-Jane, we admire your heart and efforts.  You care deeply about the orphaned children in China.... and you make a difference.  Thank you!!