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[ Mission ] 

Hope's Heart Orphan Foundation is dedicated to aiding in the well being of China's orphans by contributing to programs that help meet their daily needs and enrich their lives.

[ Vision ] 

Hope's Heart's yearning is to see miracles transform lack into abundance, sickness into health, tears into smiles, and emptiness into wholeness.  Our vision is of every orphaned child in China

  • residing in clean, safe physical conditions
  • supplied with nutritious food for optimal growth and health
  • given the medical attention they need for healthy bodies and minds
  • given the tools for mental and physical development as well as an education
  • knowing they are loved and valued by caring, nurturing caregivers seeing to their daily needs

[ History ] 

Hope's Heart Orphan Foundation was founded in December 2004 out of the directors' desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of children growing up in Chinese orphanages. After becoming aware of the plight of orphans in China, Heather decided to pursue a degree in Social Work. Her desire was to assist in the facilitation of international adoptions while making a difference in the lives of orphans waiting for their forever families and those who may never be adopted. 

This passion to help the orphans quickly spread to her parents, Ken and Judy. The family traveled to China in July of 2004 on a mission to extend love and care to the babies and children in an orphanage. This unique opportunity to spend time ministering to the orphans was a life changing experience and increased their desire even more to help the children of China.
After returning from China and through prayerful direction, the Williams' established Hope's Heart Orphan Foundation to assist in funding projects that enhance the lives of orphans in China. [They do not do adoptions; although many of the children we serve do get adopted.]  Now in their 15th year of outreach, they have watched in awe of how many babies, children and teens have had their lives impacted with hope.   

Heather Williams, Founder and Director

Ken and Judy Williams, Assistant Directors

[ Why China ]

The Problem

A problem of astounding proportion plagues children in the country of China.  Overburdened, understaffed and underfunded orphanages struggle to meet the demands created by the abandonment of thousands of Chinese infants annually.  The outcome is a generation of institutionalized children void of family and often education and medical care.

The Cause

As a dramatic measure to curb the country's perceived overpopulation, China instituted the One Child Policy in 1979.  This governmental policy mandated families to one child.  For nearly 40 years, the One Child Policy has had a detrimental impact on a generation of children.  Although accommodation has recently been put in place allowing a second child in some families, the policy and its consequences continues in China today.

The Need

International adoption from China has existed only since the early 1990's.  As awareness of the situation in China spread, the number of orphans being adopted by families in the United States saw a steady rise.  Unfortunately, since 2007 those numbers have drastically declined.  Thousands of children wait in orphanages for someone to exhibit the love, care and attention they are lacking. Shortages of caregivers as well as insufficient medical, developmental and educational provisions add to a life already void of family.  The stigma placed on these children is carried into their adult life, resulting in severe adjustment problems once they are forced to leave the orphanage.


2019 Year In Review

~ Basic Life ~

41 kids in foster care

41  babies in healing homes

field trips

developmental books and toys

 ~ Medical ~

10 cleft surgeries

 hospitalization for failure to thrive

tendon release surgery

neck surgery

anal atresia surgery

hydrocephalus evaluation

 chemo treatments

physical therapy

eye drops, vaccinations, well check-ups

walkers and wheelchairs

leg braces

~ Education ~

5 school sponsorships

education support for visually impaired orphans

11 teen sponsorships to Life Skills Camp

~ Adoptions ~

14 of our kids joined their forever families