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Title education

From birth through the teenage years, the provision of age appropriate educational and developmental tools is crucial to an orphan's future success.


Contributing to the physical, social and cognitive growth of children through sponsorship for public school attendance, after school tutoring, or schooling within the orphanage for students who are unable to attend school locally.  Also supporting life preparation classes for teen orphans.


Supporting endeavors to provide books, school supplies and developmental toys to promote stimulation, learning and growth for orphans of all ages. 


Nutrition is essential to a child's growth and development both physically and cognitively.  Programs aimed at supporting this goal help enhance the health and mental alertness of the children in school programs while optimizing their development. 

[ 2019 Education Outreach ]

 Life Skills Camp 2019

August 2019- Having participated in camp sponsorships for teen orphans in past years, we know the extreme value and necessity of Life Skill Camp.  Students are equipped with significant training in the areas of money management, online safety, sex education, etiquette and social skills, alcohol and drug use, and self-defense as they prepare to live in the world outside of the orphanage where they have spent their lives thus far.  Hope's Heart is honored to help sponsor Huan, Ning, Pei, Xia, Qiu, Long, Niu, Di, Shi, Ting and Zhi to attend this year's camp.






 The Value of Books and Toys

May 2019- Giving children the opportunity and resources to engage in play is vital to their cognitive, emotional and social development. Learning can be fun, and developmental toys and books contribute to their learning, enhance skills, develop motor skills, and give them a chance to interact and imagine.  It is a privlege to provide resources for these children.




 A Memorable Outing

March 2019-  Children from two orphanages and their caregivers had a special day learning about animals, playing, eating out, and enjoying the wonders of being in the community.  It also provided the community the chance to see these wonderful children and watch their amazement of all they experienced.




Many Faces of Education

March 2019- Education spans many avenues.  For children with visual challenges, learning may encompass feeding skills, recognizing body parts through touch, working with tactile learning equipment, sign language, walking with a cane, and many other facets that build skills and confidence.



Education Sponsorships Continue

January 2019-  Education sponsorships continue into the new year for eight children:  Luke, Hudson, Sawyer, Hugh, Janie, Jimmy, Carlos and Gabriel.  Education is critical; and we are thankful these children can move forward in securing a foundation for life.

[ 2018 Education Outreach ]

 Educational Skills for Visually Impaired Orphans

September 2018-  Hope's Heart is honored to partner with an organization dedicated to quality care and education of visually impaired orphans.  Safe, stimulating, structured atmospheres provide life skill learning and motor skill development, as well as emotional support, encouragement and confidence building. 



Going to Kindergarten/Preschool 

September 2018-  Carlos, Gabriel, Hugh, Janie and Jimmy live with foster families in their community.  As they all begin attending kindergarten/preschool this fall, we are honored to help support their attendance.  Have fun, little ones!


Life Skills Camp 2018

August 2018-  Another Life Skills Camp is underway.  What a blessing to know that 35 orphaned teens are participating in this life changing weekHope's Heart is honored to help sponsor this camp and make an incredible difference for these young people. 

The week opened doors of learning and life experiences that made for a special week that was life-enriching.  Thank you to all the donors who helped make this week a huge success and memorable time for the teens.

Developmental Toys

March 2018-  The time a child spends playing aids in physical, social, cognitive and emotional development.  It also stimulates creativity, exploration and imagination; and builds confidence, sharing and conflict resolution.   Here's a sampling of young minds at work when they received their new developmental toys.




Educational Opportunities Continue in 2018

January 2018- The new year begins with continued educational support of Etan, Luke, Hudson, Jane and Sawyer.  We trust this will be a promising year of fun filled growth and development for these special children.



November UPDATE- Etan has joined his forever family through adoption.

[ 2017 Education Outreach ]

New School Sponsorships and Some Changes

September 2017-  Four of the five boys we have been supporting for school attendance have moved to another school which does not require tuition support. We will continue to support Luke; and have also added four new student sponsorship:  Jane, Etan, Hudson and Sawyer.  Learning is an exciting time.  We are thankful to be supporting these special children.



Changes in Education Programs

January 2017-   Orphanage education programs that we have supported for many years have recently undergone a change.  The strong school model has benefitted so many of our sponsor children over the years.  With it's success, most of the programs [with the exception of one] have now been turned over to the orphanages themselves and the local government to continue to invest in the education of the children.

Beginning this month, we will continue to help support the one remaining program.  Currently sponsored in this program are Luke, Paul, Peter, Sean and Joseph.  These boys have been in the program for many years and will continue to grow and prosper from the attention given to their educational needs.


[ 2016 Education Outreach ]

Life Skills Camp

June 2016-  Life Skills Camp is an extraordinary week-long camp for teen and young adult orphans to help them best prepare for life and for the day they leave the orphanage and are facing the world on their own.  Valuable life lessons will be held on such topics as social skills, alcohol and drug use, self-esteem, sex education, money management, online safely and self defense.  

Hope's Heart is honored to partner with the incredible organization that is hosting the camp this August. We are committed to sponsor at least ten teens.  This will truly be a life-changing experience for the students, and we invited you to invest in their lives.  If you have an interest in sponsoring a teen [$350 full sponsorship or any amount for a joint sponsorship], please contact us at  


​​Backpacks and School Supplies for Teens

June 2016-  This August 40+ orphaned teens will be experiencing a unique opportunity to attend a summer Life Skills Camp.  Hope's Heart is honored to provide a new backpack and school supplies for them to use during the camp and to have for their personal use thereafter. 

School Nutrition Program

January 2016-  Good nutrition is essential for a child's physical and cognitive development.  Hope's Heart is honored to participate in a nutrition program that helps advance the health and development of the children.  Supplementing the orphanage diet, the children attending a school within the orphanage receive daily healthy snacks that aid in increasing their vitamin, mineral and protein intake.  The program provides vital healthy snacks with nutritional value including eggs, milk, yogurt, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, seaweed, bean curd, etc.  At the same time, the children are learning about nutrition and wise food selection at a young age.


September 2016-  This nutritional program is such a success that it has been renewed for another six months.

Our Newest Education Student

January/February 2016- In January we welcomed Luke as our newest school sponsorship child and look forward to getting to know him and see the impact preschool has on him.  Noah's sponsorship began in February. Already he is really enjoying school, has good large motor skills, and enjoys looking at books.


April UPDATE- Young Luke is adapting well to the classroom after just a few months.  His teachers report that he is a polite little boy who enjoys reading and art.  Like most preschoolers, Luke is learning to read and write numbers and recognize basic shapes.  He loves playing with the other children.

Children Continuing in Education Programs in 2016

January 2016- It is our joy and privilege to continue the education sponsorships in 2016 of 28 children... Beth, Daniel, Alex, Carter, Charlie, Kylie, Ellie, Ricky, Paulo, Henry, Court, Ferris, Bronwyn, Patricia, Howard, Paul, Sean, Peter, Jenny, Joseph, Jaylee, Felicia, Rose, David, Zachary, Shaun, Isaac and Gil.

Some of the children receive tuition assistance to attend the local public school, others receive after school tutoring, and others attend a school housed in the orphanage.  

January UPDATE- Paulo and Patricia have been adopted!!  Noah has joined the program.

February UPDATE- Shaun has left the program.

June UPDATE- Ellie was adopted!!

July UPDATE-  Jaylee has been adopted!