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Focus Areas

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Hope's Heart serves China's orphans in four primary focus areas intent on enriching their lives.



[ Basic Life ]


Hope's Heart desires for all orphans to have their basic needs met.  These include food, clothing, shelter, and attention to their special and growing needs.  This goal can often be met through child sponsorship  programs in foster care or healing home placements.  Nutrition programs provide high quality formula and cereal to at-risk babies whose bodies require added nutrition to thrive, or for babies who are preparing for or recovering from surgery.  Other basic life needs may be met through programs that supply clothing, shoes, cribs, bottles, etc

[ Medical ]

The provision of medical attention can be life-changing for an orphan.  Hope's Heart strives to help orphans overcome physical challenges through surgeries (cleft lip/palate, heart, hernia, eye, etc), club foot casting, blood transfusions, physical therapy, hearing aids, and other procedures that will correct a physical challenge or improve their quality of life.  Medical grants may also provide urgently needed medications or medical equipment.


 [ Education and Development ]


From birth through the teenage years, the provision of age-appropriate developmental and educational tools is crucial to an orphan's future success.  Hope's Heart supports endeavors to provide books, school tuitions,  and toys to promote stimulation, learning and growth for orphans of all ages.  Another avenue of outreach is sponsorship of teen orphans to attend life preparation camp.  


 [ Caregiving ]


Understanding the importance of physical touch and individual attention, Hope's Heart supports programs that promote care giving in an environment of loving interaction with the children.  Nanny sponsorships aid in lowering the child-to-nanny ratio, thus allowing the children improved attention and time.  The ongoing care and special attention contributes greatly to the physical, emotional, and mental development of the orphans.  Other programs within the care giving focus include nanny and foster care parent training, and support of   physical therapists.