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News and Updates

news and updates

[ 2017 Book Drive ]

A favorite child's book is read over and over again and enjoyed to its fullest by both the child and the reader.  A book opens a door to the world and brings delight to a child who may never have had one before.

Hope's Heart has committed to supplying a new book to 127 orphaned children in foster care programs across China.  If you would like to participate by gifting a child[red] with a new book of their own, please contact us at or make a donation from the DONATE button on the homepage.

UPDATE: The Book Drive is complete, and all 127 children have their new books!! What an exciting time for them.  The books promise to supply hours and hours of delightful learning experiences and family bonding times.



[ 2017 Winter Coats and Clothing ]

As winter weather approaches, the need for heavier clothing and coats is essential to protect the children from sickness.  The rapid growth of babies and children often creates the need for new winter clothing, sleepwear and coats to shield them from the chilling elements of China's winters.

As in years past, we are honored to help supply warm coats and clothing to help shield the children from dropping temperatures.  Besides the practical aspects, the kids just enjoy receiving new clothes.  It makes them feel special; and we are happy to help in that venture.

If you would like to participate in this worthwhile endeavor, please contact us at or make an online donation from the DONATE button on the homepage.

UPDATE:  Hurray!  All 127 children now have their new coats/clothing and are warm and cozy!  Thank you for your generous participation!